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  1. Colleen Clover says:

    I want to tell you I am a scholar of Avalon. ‘Mists’ is my all time favorite book. Because of that, I reached further to learn and I am very grateful for those writings as it put me firmly on my path to empower myself and to seek the Goddess within, not only for my sake, but for the sake of my three daughters that were taken from me when they were little. They’re grown women now. It is a beautiful thing, what we have now! That is its own story… I tell you this because I wanted to tell you how beautiful your ‘Sisters of Avalon’ series is! It sucks that you had to preface your writings to purists. I get that. Its still a shame. Not that you had to almost apologize for not being accurate to someone out there, but because those ‘someones’ will miss out on how splendid and funny and page-turning these books are! I’m sure you have heard this, but I am so happy to tell you how much I look forward to read more. I am enjoying how you fold the story around the fables too! That makes it even more fun! You wrote it so well, it sneaked up on me and it was thrilling to figure out this little tidbit. I also loved the reference to the ‘Mists’ characters and in the story, talking about how the characters failed themselves and their goddess with their all-to-common human traits. So well done! After reading a book like Mists of Avalon, I felt like I would never find such a wonderful book like that. I am thankful to Ms.Paxton as well, but you worked on your own inspiration and you are doing amazing work! Thank you! Please continue! I’m just starting Aster of Avalon. I will tell you, Rose’s story made me cry. In a good way!

    • Katrina Rasbold says:

      You are so precious for saying that and your words are such a blessing to me. These lovely girls are such a pleasure to write for and I love hearing their stories. Aster was quite a character. She is so different from Lilian, Ophelia, and Rose and whenever I would fall into the cadence I used with their stories, she would draw me up quickly and remind me that she is who she is and has to tell her story her own way. I hope you enjoy her as much as I did. Iris is well underway and on track for publication in late 2016. I so appreciate your comments.


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